How To Temporary Switch ON/OFF PNB Debit Card

For your Punjab National Bank ATM/Debit card security, you can now temporarily switch ON/OFF your Debit card and lock all transactions like ATM withdrawal, online transactions, and POS payments.

PNB Debit card temporary block/unblock feature is now available on mobile banking and net banking, so you can use this feature and enable/disable all transactions for your PNB Debit card.

If you don’t want to permanently block your Debit card and want to block it for some time only then use this Debit card On/off feature.

How to Temporary Block/Unblock PNB Debit Card (Punjab National Bank)

Step 1: Open PNB Mobile Banking and login.

Step 2: After login, click and open Debit Card Section where you can manage your card.

PNB Mobile banking debit card section

Step 3: In the Debit card section, tap on Debit Card On/Off

switch on off PNB ATM/Debit card

Step 4: Now select your account number and Debit card number. Now you can see the On/Off button. Just swipe left-right this button to temporarily enable/disable your Debit card.

switch on off PNB ATM/Debit card

Through this functionality, you can temporarily switch ON/OFF your PNB Debit card anytime anywhere.

Temporary On/Off PNB Debit Card through Net Banking

You can also login to your PNB internet banking and temporarily switch On/Off your Debit card.

Step 1: Login to PNB Net Banking and click on Value Added ServicesEmergency Services — Debit Card On/Off as you can see below screenshot.

switch on off PNB ATM/Debit card

Step 2: And the next screen, select your account number and card number & enter your transaction password and click on “Switch Off

switch on off PNB ATM/Debit card

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How can I temporarily block my PNB ATM card?

Ans: If you don’t want to block your PNB Debit card permanently then you can now temporarily block your Debit card and unblock it anytime. This feature is available on Mobile Banking and net banking. Just login to any online banking channels and select the Debit card on/Off feature, please follow the above instructions.

(2) How can I block/unblock my PNB debit card?

Ans: Punjab National Bank customers can now temporarily block/unblock their Debit Card through mobile banking and net banking. You can switch On/off your Debit card anytime anywhere. Just follow the above both online methods and block/unblock your ATM Card.

(3) How to temporarily disable all transactions for my Punjab National bank (PNB) Debit card?

Ans: If you want to temporarily disable all your PNB Debit card transactions like ATM withdrawal, POS, and online payments then you can temporarily switch Off your Debit card. This functionality is available on Mobile banking and net banking. You can switch on your all transactions again whenever you want to use your Debit card.

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