How To Cancel Mutual Fund SIP on Angel One

Do you want to cancel the mutual Fund SIP on the Angel One demat account? When you cancel your SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), all your upcoming SIPs will be stopped and you don’t need to pay your future SIPs. Don’t worry your invested amount will remain invested.

What does Cancel SIP mean?

Cancelling a SIP means discontinuing your Systematic Investment Plan. When you cancel your SIP, you will stop making regular investments in the mutual fund scheme that you have chosen.

There are many reasons why you may want to cancel your SIP. For example, you may have reached your financial goals, you may need the money for other expenses, or you may be unhappy with the performance of your fund.

When you cancel a SIP, your already invested amount remains in the mutual fund scheme and continues to grow. You can withdraw the amount at any time, but you may have to pay an exit fee, depending on the terms of your SIP.

So let’s see how to cancel SIP on the Angel One Demat account.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Step 1: You can cancel your SIP through the Angel One Mobile Application. Simply login to the application and tap on the “Mutual Funds” section.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Step 2: In the Mutual Funds section, tap on the “SIPs” icon as you can see in the screenshot and then select your SIP mutual fund scheme to cancel it.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Step 3: Next screen you can see the “Cancel SIP” option, tap and select this option and proceed.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Step 4: Finally confirm your cancellation request by selecting “YES CANCEL” option.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Done! Your SIP has been cancelled successfully and now you will not get a SIP reminder and auto debit will be stopped for this SIP. Your invested money will remain invested in this SIP mutual fund scheme and continue to grow.

Cancel your SIP on Angel One

Hope this guide will help you to cancel and stop your mutual fund SIP on the Angel one demat account. If you are not interested to invest in your current SIP mutual fund scheme through SIP, then you can choose “Cancel SIP” option.

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