How To Change Indian Bank Debit Card Limit Online

Indian Bank now lets you change your ATM/Debit card limit online for ATM withdrawal, POS, and Online transactions. You can now set a new limit for your Debit card through mobile banking.

If you are an Indian bank customer and want to change your ATM Debit card limit then you can login into mobile banking and change it anytime. For your Debit card security, this is another best way to protect your Debit card by setting up a daily limit for your card.

For example, if you have set the Debit card ATM daily withdrawal limit to 10,000 then you can withdraw only INR 10,000 per day. Similarly, you can set a limit for online and Pos transactions.

Change Indian bank ATM/Debit Card Limit Online

Open and login the Indian Bank Mobile Banking application.

After login, tap, and open Cards Section.Indian Bank Cards services

In the Cards section, select your account number and Debit card number.

Indian Bank ATM PIN Online

In card services, tap on “Set Debit Card Limit” as you can see below screenshot.

Indian Bank Debit card limit change

And the next screen, select card limit options like ATM withdrawals, POS, E-commerce, NFC and enter a new limit for these channels and submit. For example, If you want to change your ATM withdrawal limit (per day) then select the ATM Withdrawals option and set a new limit for your Debit card.

Indian Bank Debit card limit change

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How to change the Indian Bank daily ATM withdrawal limit?

Ans: Now Indian Bank customers can change per day ATM withdrawal limit through mobile banking and set a new limit for ATM/Debit card. Please follow the above instructions and change your daily withdrawal limit.

(2) How to increase/decrease my Indian bank ATM withdrawal limit?

Ans: If your Indian Bank ATM/Debit card limit is less than the maximum limit, then you can increase your card limit and set the maximum withdrawal limit for your card. You can also decrease your ATM withdrawal limit. Just login to Mobile Banking and increase/decrease your card limit anytime.

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