How To Download Interest Certificate in SBI Online

Do you want to download your SBI saving account/deposit account interest certificate? Then you don’t need to visit your home branch, now you can get your SBI account interest certificate online through net banking.

Your interest certificate tells you the actual amount of interest you have received in a financial year for each of your FDs and savings accounts. It will help you to calculate tax on your fixed deposit and saving accounts.

If you are an SBI customer and unable to get your interest cert. then follow the below steps and download your int. cert. now.

Download SBI Account Interest Certificate Online in PDF Format

If you have an SBI internet banking facility then you can get your int. cert. very easily. See how:

Step 1: Login to SBI internet banking and click and open the “e-Services” tab. Here you will find the “My Certificates” option, click on this option.

SBI Account Interest Certificate

Step 2: In My certificates, you can download your account interest certificates like your Different Loan account Interest certificate, Interest Certificate on saving and deposit A/Cs, and Balance Certificate. If you want to download your deposit account interest certificate then click on this option.

SBI Account Interest Certificate

Step 3: Next screen select the financial year and submit.

SBI Account Interest Certificate

Step 4: And on the next screen, you can see your deposit account interest certificate. Click on the “View/Download PDF” to download the file in PDF format. You can also download it in XML format. In this certificate, you can see how much interest was paid to you in the selected financial year.

SBI Account Interest Certificate

Hope you now understand how to download an interest certificate in SBI online without visiting the branch.


Q.1: Where Can I get my SBI saving account and FD account interest certificate?

Ans: Now you can download your SBI account interest certificate online. If you have a net banking facility then please follow the above steps and get your certificate now in PDF and XML format.

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