How To Enable/Disable ATM Withdrawal for SBI ATM Card

SBI customers can now temporarily Enable/Disable ATM transactions and stop the ATM withdrawal facility for ATM cards. This facility will secure your ATM Debit card from unauthorized ATM transactions and give your Debit card more security.

When you don’t use your card, you can turn OFF ATM transactions and whenever you need to use your SBI ATM/Debit card for ATM withdrawal, you can Switch ON ATM transactions. So this way nobody can use your Debit card for unauthorized transactions.

You can enable/disable ATM transactions for your SBI ATM/Debit card by following these methods.

Enable/Disable SBI ATM Withdrawal Using Mobile Banking

You can easily temporarily enable/disable ATM withdrawal for your SBI Debit card using Mobile Banking.

Open SBI YONO Lite and tap on Manage Cards.

SBI Manage Debit Card

Now open Manage Debit Card.

SBI yono lite manage debit card

And here select your account & card number and switch OFF ATM txns option.

Enable/Disable ATM Withdrawal for SBI ATM Card

That’s it, now you cannot use your SBI ATM card for ATM withdrawal. You need to switch ON ATM txns to withdraw money from the ATM machine.

Switch OFF/ON ATM Withdrawal for SBI Debit Card by SMS

You can also enable/disable ATM withdrawal for your SBI ATM Debit card by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number.

  • Send “SWOFF<space>ATM<space>Last 4-digits of your card number” and send to 092239 66666 (e.g: SWOFF ATM 6565)

Turn OFF/ON ATM transactions using SBI YONO

You can also login to the SBI YONO application to enable/disable ATM transactions for your Debit card.

Open SBI YONO and tap on Service Request.

SBI YONO Service Request

Now select ATM/Debit card option.

SBI yono manage ATM debit card

Select the Manage Card option.

SBI yono manage card

Now select your account and card number and tap on Manage Usage. Now switch OFF ATM/Debit Card transactions.

SBI ATM transaction ON OFF

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How to temporarily disable SBI ATM withdrawal?

Ans: You can activate/deactivate ATM withdrawal for your SBI ATM/Debit card by login to Mobile banking or by sending an SMS. We have mentioned here three online methods to disable ATM transactions temporarily for the SBI ATM card.

(2) How To Lock/Unlock ATM Withdrawal for SBI ATM/Debit card?

Ans: For your SBI ATM/Debit card security, now you can lock/unlock ATM withdrawal for your ATM card. You can follow the above methods to avail of this facility.

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