How To Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN Online

Federal Bank customers can now reset ATM PIN online and generate a new ATM PIN for Debit card. If your Federal Mobile Banking or Internet banking is active then you don’t need to visit the ATM or branch to get a new ATM PIN, you can login to any online channel and change your PIN anytime.

Here we will tell you both online methods, how to change/reset or generate Federal Bank ATM PIN online.

1. Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN Online using Mobile Banking

If Federal Bank Mobile Banking is active on your mobile phone then you can login to Mobile Banking and generate an ATM PIN online for your ATM card.

Open Federal Mobile Banking application and login.

Now click and open the options menu bar as you can see in the below screenshot.

federal bank ATM PIN

In menu options, you can see “Card Management (manage your debit cards)” option, click and open.

federal bank ATM PIN

In debit card management, click on “Set New PIN/Change PIN” option.

federal bank ATM PIN

And the next screen, enter new ATM PIN, enter your card expiry month & year, and click on change pin. Done! you have successfully reset your ATM PIN for the Debit card.

federal bank ATM PIN

2. Change/Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN using Net Banking

Login to Federal Bank Internet Banking.

After login, click on Debit Card Services – Change/Reset PIN as you can see below screenshot.

Federal Bank ATM PIN Online

Now select your Debit card number, set a new ATM PIN, enter the expiry date of your card, and submit.

Federal Bank ATM PIN Online

That’s it you have successfully changed/reset your Federal Bank ATM/Debit card ATM PIN.

So this way, you can generate ATM PIN online for your Federal bank ATM/Debit card anytime.

3. Generate Federal Bank ATM PIN at ATM Machine

  • Send an SMS “SP<space>last-4-digit card number” to 5676762 or 9895088888
  • You will receive an SMS that contains OTP to set a new ATM PIN. This OTP is valid for three hours.
  • Now visit any Federal Bank ATM within three hours to reset the lost ATM PIN. At the ATM, select the Soft PIN option on the ATM screen before inserting the card. This option is shown at the idle screen itself
  • After selecting the Soft PIN option, you will be asked to insert the card.
  • After inserting the card, the OTP received through SMS is to be entered.
  • After entering OTP, you shall enter the new PIN that you wish to set.
  • Enter the new PIN once more and submit
  • You will then receive a success/failure message on the screen and a printed slip will be generated. Also, an SMS will be received at the registered mobile number about the success/failure status of the PIN reset.
  • Upon a successful transaction, the new PIN will be updated.

Frequently asked Questions

(1) How can I get my ATM PIN if I forgot it?

Ans: You can generate a new ATM PIN for your Federal Bank ATM/Debit card online by login to net banking and mobile banking. Please follow the above steps and reset your ATM PIN online.

(2) How can I recover my Federal Bank ATM PIN?

Ans: If you don’t know your current ATM PIN then you can reset your Federal ATM PIN online through mobile banking and internet banking.

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