How To Link PNB Debit Card With PayPal

Do you want to link your PNB ATM/Debit card with PayPal? If yes then here we will tell you, how to register Punjab National Bank Debit card with PayPal and pay online through PayPal.

Punjab National Bank Domestic and International both ATM/Debit cards can be linked with PayPal. You can also add Rupay PNB Debit card with PayPal including VISA and MasterCard. If you want to use your PNB Debit card on PayPal for domestic payment only then you can link your Rupay domestic Debit card and for International payment, you can apply for the International Debit card and link with PayPal.

So here we will tell you, how can you add your PNB ATM/Debit card on PayPal for online payments.

Register Punjab National Bank ATM/Debit Card With PayPal

Open your PayPal account, visit, and login to your account.

After successfully login, click on Payment Methods – link a debit or credit card.

Link Debit Card With PayPal

Now click on debit or credit card option.

Link Debit Card With PayPal

And next screen, you need to enter your PNB Debit card 16-digit number, select your card type like Rupay, VISA, or Mastercard, enter expiry date (valid thru/valid till date), enter CVV/CSC (security code) and add your address. Now click on link card.

Link Debit Card With PayPal

On the next page, you need to One time password (OTP) sent to your bank registered mobile number. Enter this OTP and submit.

Link PNB Debit card PayPal

You are done! your PNB Debit card will be confirmed and added to your PayPal account. Now you are ready to use your PNB Debit card on PayPal for online payment.

Link Bank of Baroda Debit Card With PayPal

If your Debit card is domestic then you can make an online payment on domestic websites and if you have linked your International ATM/Debit card then you can make online International payments.

To make payment online using PayPal, just select the PayPal option in the payment screen and login to your PayPal account. Now select your PNB Debit card and confirm your payment. The money will be deducted from your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) I have PNB Rupay ATM/Debit card, Can I link it with my PayPal account?

Ans: Yes, PayPal now supports Rupay Debit cards so you can link it with PayPal. But remember, if your Debit card is for domestic usage then you can’t use it for International payments.

(2) What is the security code/CSC?

Ans: It is your Debit card 3 digit CVV number printed on the backside of the card.