How To Enable Online Transactions for UCO ATM Debit Card

If your UCO bank ATM Debit card has been disabled for online transactions and purchased then you can enable it again through mobile banking and UCO secure app. As per new directions, if you have never used your UCO Bank ATM for online transactions then your card will be disabled for online usage and you can not use your Debit card online.

UCO bank lets you enable/disable online transactions through Mobile Banking and UCO secure application. You can enable online payment by using these methods anytime.

Activate UCO Debit Card Online Transaction using Mobile Banking

If you have a UCO Mobile Banking application then you can easily activate online transactions by login to the application.

Login to the UCO Mobile Banking application and tap on UCO secure option.

uco ATM debit card online transaction

Next screen, select the ATM Debit card option and proceed.

uco ATM debit card online transaction

And here Enable e-commerce option and submit. That’s it your online transactions enable again and you can use your Debit card for online payments, purchases, etc.

uco ATM debit card online transaction

Enable Online Purchases using UCO Secure application

UCO secure application lets you manage your Debit card online. You can also enable/disable the online transactions feature using this application.

Open UCO secure application and tap on the ATM Debit card option.

uco ATM debit card online transaction

Next screen select your account number and card number. Now enable the e-commerce option and submit.

uco ATM debit card online transaction

After enabling your UCO ATM Debit card for e-commerce, you can use your card for online payments, shopping or at any website/application where Debit card payment is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1)  How to use my UCO ATM card online?

Ans: You can use your UCO Bank ATM Debit card online if your card is enabled for online transactions. Just select the Debit card option on the payment page and pay using your ATM card. If your Debit card is disabled for online purchases, kindly enable it by login to mobile banking or UCo secure app.

(2) Payment declined whenever I make payment using my UCO bank ATM Debit card?

Ans: It means your ATM debit card is disabled for online transactions, please follow the above 2 methods and activate your Debit card to use online.

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