How To Open FD Online in Yes Bank

Are you Yes Bank customer and want to open Fixed Deposit account? Then no need to visit Bank, you can open FD account online.

YES Bank FD account can be opened online through Internet Banking and the mobile banking application. About YES Bank FD rates, you will get up to 7.35% Interest rate, for more details visit here.

If you are planning to invest your money in Yes Bank FD then here is step by step process how you can open FD account online by following these two methods:

1. Open Yes Bank FD Through Mobile Banking

Yes Mobile Banking application available for Android and iOS. You can install this application on your phone and register your account. You can access online banking services using this app.

(1) To open FD account using Yes Mobile Banking, log in to Yes mobile banking.

(2) Now tap and open Deposits option and select Fixed Deposits.

Yes Bank FD open online

(3) Currently, you have no FD account, tap on Open Fixed Deposit.

Yes Bank FD open online

(4) Now select your Debit account number, select Deposit type monthly payout etc and enter Deposit amount. If the amount is higher than 1 lac then enter your PAN Card number. Enter FD tenure, add nominee which is optional and proceed.

Yes Bank FD open online

(5) Next screen select principle instructions and Interest instructions (Renew or Transfer) and proceed.

Yes Bank FD open online

(6) In the last step, confirm your FD details. If everything is correct then confirm your request.

Yes Bank FD open online

Congrats, your Yes bank FD account opened successfully.

Yes Bank FD open online

2. Open Yes FD through Net Banking

Yes Bank customers can also apply for FD account through net banking.

(1) Login to your Internet Banking account.

(2) Now you can see Fixed Deposit option, click on Open New Fixed Deposit.

Yes Bank FD open online

(3) And next screen select your Account number, select FD products Monthly payout etc, enter deposit amount and tenure, enter your Pan number, enter Maturity instruction select renew or account transfer and click on open.

Yes Bank FD open online

(4) Next screen confirm your details and submit your request.

Yes Bank FD open online

Done! you have successfully opened FD account using net banking.

If you want to earn Interest rate monthly then select Monthly Payout in FD products. The Interest will be credited every month.

Hope you now understand how to open Fixed Deposit in Yes Bank online using net banking and mobile banking.