How To Check Credit Score Online for Free on Paytm

Checking your Credit score & Credit report is now more easy using Paytm application. Yes, you can now check your credit score free on Paytm. You don’t need to pay anything to know your credit score online.

Credit Score and credit report?

Credit Score for an individual is a 3-digit number (between 300 & 900) calculated by a credit bureau using the credit history of that individual. If your credit score is good then it will help you to get a credit card and loan approval instantly.

Your credit report is a summary of all your loans and credit card history reported to a credit bureau by your lenders (banks and NBFC).

Check Free Credit Score online on Paytm

Checking your credit Score is a free service from Paytm. You don’t need to pay anything for this service. You can also get a detailed credit report from a credit bureau and analysis of factors impacting your credit score.

See how you can check your Credit Score and Reports free on Paytm:

Login to Paytm application and search the Credit Score option. Tap on the search button and type credit score and search.

Paytm credit score

You can see the Credit Score option, tap and open it.

Paytm credit score

And the next screen you can see your credit score details. You can also check the detailed credit score and know which factors impacting your score.

Paytm credit score

Click on View Detailed Reports and check detailed credit score.

Paytm credit score

You can also check all your loan and credit card accounts by clicking on All Loan and Credit Accounts.

Paytm credit score

Key factors impacting your credit score are:

  • Timely repayment of credit card bills and loan EMIs
  • Level of the utilization of credit card limits
  • Number of total credit cards and loan accounts
  • Age of credit cars and loan accounts
  • Any written iff or settlements status of any of your credit cards and loan accounts
  • Extent of credit card and unsecured loans
  • Number of inquiries by lenders for your loan applications

So this is how you can check your Credit Score and Credit Report free on Paytm without paying any charges.

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