How To Check SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility by SMS

SBI EMI on a Debit card enables you to buy products online/offline on EMI using your ATM/Debit card. If you are eligible for SBI Debit Card EMI facility then you can also shop online on Amazon & Flipkart on your Debit card EMI.

Only selected SBI Debit cardholders can avail of this EMI on the Debit card facility and there is no option to enable EMI on the SBI Debit card manually. The bank will decide if you are eligible or not.

If you have a fixed deposit account in SBI then definitely you will get approval for the SBI Debit card EMI facility.

So here we will tell you, how to check eligibility for SBI EMI on the Debit card facility, follow these steps:

Check SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility by SMS

All you need to do is send an SMS from your SBI bank registered mobile number to know whether you are eligible or not. (SMS charges apply)

Type “DCEMI” & send to 567676

After sending this SMS, you will get a reply from the bank and you can check your eligibility.

Check your SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility on Amazon Application

You can also check your SBI Debit Card EMI eligibility on Amazon.

Open any product on Amazon and click on “EMI Options

Next screen, click on Debit Card EMI. And here you can see the eligible Debit Card list to get EMI.

Check SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility on Flipkart

If you are using Flipkart for shopping then you can also check your SBI Debit card eligibility on Flipkart.

Just select any product and proceed to the payment options page.

Here you can see EMI (Easy installments) option where you can see your SBI Debit Card option.


Just open the Product page and here you can see Easy Payments Options, click on View Details.

And the next screen, click, on the Debit EMI option to check your eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can I get EMI on the SBI debit card?

Ans: Yes, if your SBI Debit card is eligible for the EMI facility then you can buy products online from Amazon and Flipkart on EMI. Please follow the above methods to check your edibility.

(2) How can I check my SBI debit card EMI?

Ans: You can check by sending an SMS or you can also check your eligibility on Amazon and Flipkart payment page.

(3) How can I convert my SBI debit card purchase to EMI?

Ans: You don’t need to convert. The Bank will automatically convert your purchase into EMI. The EMI amount will be debited every month from your savings account.

(4) Why is my SBI Debit Card not eligible for EMI?

Ans: In my case, I have an FD account with SBI so my Debit card was eligible for EMI purchases, and when my FD account closed the EMI option removed for my Debit card. So if you have an FD account in SBI then possibly you are eligible for EMI on a Debit card.

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