How To Change Transaction Rights for SBI Net Banking & Mobile Banking

SBI customers can now manage online transaction rights for net banking and mobile banking. You can change limited transaction rights to full transaction rights or change full transaction rights to view only/limited transaction rights.

SBI YONO application now lets you manage transaction rights online so you can change transaction rights anytime using this app.

In SBI net banking and mobile banking, you will get three options to manage your account online:

  1. View only rights: You can view your account balance and statement only, no money transfer allowed.
  2. Limited transaction rights: You can transfer money to your other sbi account only, no other bank transfer allowed
  3. Full Trsanction rights: All restrictions removed and you can transfer money to any bank account and also access profile section

With SBI YONO now you can change these transaction rights anytime, here we will tell you how to change transaction rights for SBI net banking and mobile banking using YONO app.

How To manage SBI Transaction Rights Online

First, you need to install the official SBI YONO app on your phone and activate it. Just register your account with SBI YONO.

Now login SBI YONO app and open options and tap on Service Requests.

SBI transaction rights

In the next screen tap on the Settings tab.

SBI transaction rights

Now tap on the Manage Transaction Rights option.

SBI transaction rights

You will be asked to enter the profile password, enter your net banking profile password.

Next screen select your account number and tap on Edit pencil icon as you can see below screen.

SBI transaction rights

Now select your transaction rights from three options and confirm your request.

SBI transaction rights

That’s it you have successfully changed your transaction rights for SBI net banking and mobile banking. By following this process you can change your transaction rights anytime.


Q.1: I have view only transaction rights in SBI, how to change it into Full transaction rights?

Ans: Just follow the above process and select full transaction rights.

Q.2: I’m unable to transfer money to other bank accounts as I have limited transaction rights, what I do?

Ans: Change your transaction rights into Full transaction rights, follow the above process.


  1. Hii dear i have a problem regarding transaction rights when i clicked on manage transaction rights option then i got message no accounts found error so tell me what can i do now .

    • SBI net banking is free online banking service. You can access many online banking services. You can activate net banking online or by visiting branch.

  2. 1)regarding transaction rights when i clicked on manage transaction rights option then i got message no accounts found error so tell me what can i do now .
    2) when i go for net banking for up gradation of Transaction Right the massage shows your request unable to process Try later.
    What to I am help less ???.

    • Please complain online to sbi.. online.. same problem with my father account then i have to visit branch to enable full rights

  3. Resolved!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information on a very easy way.I get done by following your given steps.


  4. I have choosen full transaction rights…but when I clicked on fund transfer it says u doesn’t have an rights for the transaction…what should be do for this …


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