How To Upgrade/Downgrade SBI Net Banking Access Level

SBI Internet Banking is a free facility to access banking services online. You can register online for SBI net banking using your Debit card. When you register for net banking you need to set your access level.

What is the SBI net banking Access level?

SBI net banking access level has three options:

  • View Only: If you want to use net banking for balance information only then you can select this access level. However, you can not perform any transactions like fund transfer, request debit card or cheque book
  • Limited transaction rights: When you select this option, you can check your balance and request different services, however, money transfer is not allowed.
  • Full Transactions rights: When you choose this access level option, you can access all net banking services without any restrictions and you can also transfer money to any bank account.

If you have already set your SBI net banking access level and you want to upgrade/downgrade your access level then follow these steps:

Change SBI Internet Banking Access Level

Login to SBI Internet Banking.

After login, click on “Request & Enquiries” tab and open “Upgrade/Downgrade Access level

SBI net banking Access level

And the next screen, you can select Upgrade Access Level OR Downgrade Access level options. Select your account number and select “Full transactions rights, view-only or limit transactions rights”. If your access level is “view only” and you want to upgrade your access level into full transactions then select “Upgrade Access Level” select your account and submit. Similarly, if you want to downgrade the access level and set “View only” then select “Downgrade Access level”

SBI net banking Access level

So this way, SBI net banking users can upgrade/downgrade net banking access levels. If you are using SBI net banking to check your balance only then you can downgrade your access level and set “View Only” & if you want to use SBI net banking for fund transfer then you can upgrade your access level and select “Full transactions” access level.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How can I change my access rights from viewing to the full transaction in SBI net banking?

Ans: You can upgrade your access level and select the full transaction option in the upgrade access level section. Please follow the above-mentioned steps.

(2) I am unable to upgrade my access level at SBI. How can I upgrade it?

Ans: Now you can upgrade/downgrade your SBI net banking access level by login to net banking. Just open “Request & Enquiries” section.

(3) How much time does it take to upgrade the access level in SBI online?

Ans. it will take 24 hours to change your access level.

(4) How to downgrade access level in sbi account?

Ans: You can login to SBI net banking and click on “Request & Enquiries” section. Here you will find “Upgrade/Downgrade Access Level” option.

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