How To View/Change Bank of Baroda ATM Card Limit

Do you want to change your Bank of Baroda Debit card ATM daily cash withdrawal limit? If yes, then BOB Mobile banking application lets you view and update your ATM card limit online.

If your Bank of Baroda ATM cash withdrawal limit is less than the actual limit then you can increase your limit and set the maximum cash withdrawal limit for your ATM Debit card. You can also change your Pos payment limit through mobile banking.

View/Set Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit Bank of Baroda

Open Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking application (M-connect plus) and login to your account.

After login, tap, and open the Request Services section where you can manage your Debit card.

Bank of Baroda ATM card limit

In service request, tap on Set Debit Card Limit option and proceed.

Bank of Baroda ATM card limit

Now click on Set Limit.

Bank of Baroda ATM card limit

Next screen, you can view your Bank of Baroda ATM card maximum ATM limit. To change this limit, just slide left-right and set your limit for ATM cash withdrawal. You can also change the Pos limit here.

Bank of Baroda ATM card limit

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How to check my Bank of Baroda ATM card limit (daily ATM cash withdrawal limit)?

Ans: Please login to Mobile Banking application and open the Debit card limit option where you can check your Debit card maximum limit for ATM and POS. You can also change this limit.

(2) How To increase My Bank of Barod ATM card limit?

Ans: If your BOB ATM card limit is less than the maximum limit, then you can set the maximum limit for your Debit card by login to mobile banking. Please follow the above steps and set your ATM card limit.

(3) Which BOB Debit card offers a maximum cash withdrawal limit?

Ans: BOB Rupay Debit cards offer 40 to 50 thousand daily cash withdrawal limits. You can visit BOB website and browse Debit cards.

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