YONO SBI: Generate Debit Card ATM PIN from Your Mobile Phone

State Bank of India (SBI) digital banking application YONO SBI now lets you generate your ATM PIN for your debit card very fast and easily. Yes, you can now generate your desired 4–4-digit ATM PIN directly from your mobile phone through YONO SBI.

YONO SBI is one of the best digital platform to manage your SBI bank accounts and other products like credit cards, FDs and loan accounts. You can access many online banking services from your phone with this mobile application.

Generate SBI Debit Card ATM PIN through YONO SBI

Step 1: Login to the YONO SBI application on your phone. If you have not activated YONO SBI on your phone then first install the application and activate it using your SBI Net Banking UserID and Login Password. Read our step-by-step guide here: How to activate YONO SBI

Step 2: Now you have activated YONO SBI on your phone, so let’s login to the application using MPIN.


Step 3: Once you are login successfully, tap and open the “Cards” section where you can manage your debit cards and credit cards.

YONO SBI Debit Cards section

Step 4: Next screen, select the “My Debit Cards” option to open your ATM Debit card dashboard.

YONO SBI Generate ATM PIN Online

Step 5: Now select your account number and you can see your linked Debit card. To generate your Debit card ATM PIN, just tap on the “Set/Reset ATM PIN” option. Please check the below screenshot for more information.

YONO SBI Generate ATM PIN Online

Step 6: Next screen set your desired 4-digit ATM PIN, re-enter your PIN and click on the next button.

YONO SBI Generate ATM PIN Online

Step 7: Next screen authenticate yourself with OTP. Enter the OTP sent on your SBI account registered mobile number and submit.

YONO SBI Generate ATM PIN Online

Congratulations! Your ATM PIN for your Debit card has been successfully generated and now you can use this new ATM PIN for transactions at the ATM machine and POS.

YONO SBI Generate ATM PIN Online

Benefits of Generating ATM PIN with YONO SBI

You can also generate your ATM PIN for your SBI Debit card through Net Banking however it is a little complicated process. But with YONO SBI you can generate a PIN very easily and the process is also fast.

  • You can create the desired 4-digit ATM PIN
  • No need to enter a profile password
  • ATM PIN generation process is fast and easy
  • Generate PIN anytime

Hope it will help you to generate your SBI Debit card ATM PIN online from your mobile phone using YONO SBI.

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